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Cockatiel Exhibition is a fun hobby! Come learn about all aspects of the hobby! In the Exhibition section, you will be able to find show reports, find your cockatiels exhibition points, and gather information about exhibition cockatiels.

At the heart of the National Cockatiel Society are our affiliated clubs. Our clubs organize NCS afffiliated events. If you are an affiliated club, this is the place to go to get your club paperwork and reaffiliate your club or show.


Reading Library

Use our extensive Library to learn all about cockatiels. Our library includes members only articles exclusively for our NCS members who are looking for advanced topics.

Cockatiel Bands

The NCS legband symbolizes that the breeder has committed themselves to education and support of the cockatiel! We hope you will show your support of the care and education of cockatiels by banding your cockatiels with NCS closed traceable bands.